Plain language summaries – an update

Thank you for all of the responses to my post last Friday, describing my colleague’s idea for plain language summaries to be included in journal abstracts.  The reaction was pretty positive, with some welcome constructive criticism too. 

That post was written very much on the spur of the moment (during my lunch break just after the idea was suggested, to be precise!), so after a little time to calm down and cogitate I’ve decided to run something of a pilot scheme, or a proof of concept.  I’ve created a new blog category over to the right there called “Plain language summaries”, and I’ll be adding as many abstracts there as I have time to get through (disclaimer: that might not be many). I’ll kick things off with a general discussion of the strengths and limitations of abstracts (including how they can be misleading in their own right), and then hopefully there will be a steady trickle of content. 

So once again watch this space, and if anyone has any ideas or comments on the feasibility of what I’m trying to do here (or wants to help!), do get in touch.  I know I already have one recruit in the form of the lovely Hayley (from A Healthy Dose of Skepticism), but this is definitely a case of the more the merrier!


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