Homeopathic Harms: A blog series

Recently my good friend and I gave a talk to the Newcastle chapter of Skeptics in the pub on the harms associated with homeopathy.  It seemed to us that while the perceived benefits (or otherwise) are often covered in great depth, no one really looks at the harms.  The response to the talk was great, and we both felt like we covered some things that could do with immortalising in a form that’s a little more…permanent.  With that in mind, we’re teaming up to write a series of blog posts on the subject.  You can find HJo’s posts over at A Healthy Dose of Skepticism (and mine will of course be here), but we’ll  cross-post the first one or two and share links to the rest for ease of reading.  Hopefully we can bring something new to the table, or at least make some people stop and think twice about the implications of homeopathic remedies.

EDIT: The first two posts in the series are available for your entertainment!

Volume 1: Medicalisation

Volume 2: Where’s the evidence?


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