Homeopathic Harms Vol 3: Poor Advice

The third post in mine and @SparkleWildfire’s blog series on the harms of homeopathy is now online!  Here’s a little taster :

Indirect harms due to homeopathy can, as we’re trying to cover in these posts, come in various different guises. In my opinion, there is none more dangerous than this: poor advice from homeopathic practitioners.

To set yourself up as a homeopath in the UK, you don’t need any medical background. You also don’t need to register with any regulatory bodies or undergo any standardized training. Medical homeopaths, i.e. doctors who practice it on the side, are of course regulated by the GMC, but your common or garden variety homeopaths could basically be anyone.

To read the rest, head on over to A Healthy Dose of Skepticism.



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  1. Upto the end of year 2010, there have been 270 studies published in 106 medical journals including 11 meta-analysis, 8 systematic reviews including 1 cochrane review (out of approximately 20 systematic reviews published) and 93 DBRPCT (out of approximately 225 RCT published) in evidence of homeopathy.

    • Two points to make in response to this: firstly it’s somewhat off-topic. This post (and indeed this entire blog series) is in regard to the potential harms associated with homeopathy.

      Secondly, you’re wrong. Without fail the trials and reviews that find evidence for benefit of homeopathy are low quality and flawed. There is no robust evidence of any benefit beyond placebo effect. Simply asserting otherwise doesn’t make it so.

    • Oh “Dr” Nancy Malik,
      Once again, you show your distinct lack of attention to detail by a) posting this on the wrong blog post and b) not bothering to actually read the content of the post in question, which clearly states that we are looking at evidence of harm, not efficacy.

      Quite frankly, your utter ineptitude when it comes to appraising the medical literature is staggering. You did, after all, once send me a study looking at breast cancer as proof that homeopathy works in brain cancer.

      I fear for your patients, I really do.
      H Jo

    • Just to ram the point home even further for those who might not be familiar with Ms Malik’s idea of evidence, the excellent Xtaldave took the time (and risked his sanity) to go through her list of references a couple of years ago and quite thoroughly debunked them: http://xtaldave.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/scientific-evidence-for-homeopathy-2/

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