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Why you can’t believe weight loss testimonials

I wrote yonks ago about why you can’t always beleve the hype about fitness fads, and encouraging people to think critically before buying in to anything. At this time of year a lot of people are making themselves promises about the way they look, so when I stumbled across a short blog post this evening, I thought it was worth sharing.

The post illustrates exactly how easy it is to fool the eye (and the wishfully-thinking brain) with just a little work on posture, flexing the right muscles, using good lighting and a touch of post-production work. Just take a look at the panel below – all of the images in it were taken within the space of an hour. With a few changes of outfit and a quick shave, the author was able to take a series of photos that any fitness “guru” would be proud to use as a before/during/after montage (click on the image to view a bigger version, click here to read the blog post in full).

So what’s my point? When it comes to fitness, don’t believe your eyes. Don’t part with your hard-earned cash on the basis of a flashy web page and a few beguiling words. The best way to assess these things is to find someone who knows what they’re talking about, and talk to them about it – social media is a great way to do this, as it gives you access to thousands of experts almost instantly. I’d be happy to help you start – just leave a comment or send me a tweet.